Monte Carlo simulation allows uncertainty to be incorporated in SIL calculations and can be done with Excel
Overpressure Protection
Admittedly, I have not been the best blogger this year. In my defense, I have been busy making videos and
We are proud to introduce our first original video. This video gives a brief non-technical introduction to how Bayesian
The humble airset filter regulator does not get a lot of love.  Relegated to a lonely corner of the control
Today’s post finally wraps up SIS Engineer’s initial foray into the strange and exotic world of automotive functional safety, with
Fire Safety SIS Survivability
In my experience, few subjects cause more confusion and misunderstanding in the instrumentation and SIS arena than Fire Safety.  Even
control room
Today I want to highlight an excellent paper “Improving Barrier Effectiveness Using Human Factors Methods” recently published by Mr. Dave
The following is a quick example illustrating how the Bayesian updating process can be used to update prior knowledge based
In part 1 of this article we introduced the autonomous vehicle functional safety standard, ISO 26262.  We discussed its similarities
When they are not spontaneously combusting or crashing into parked cars (again, again, and again) autonomous vehicles are the coolest thing
Some time ago, I ran across a complex Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) that had a proof test interval (PTI) of
In part 1 of this article, we covered the various standards and guidelines that are available to inform the design
Unless you have been living in an underground bunker for the last decade, you are probably aware that cybersecurity for
IEC 61511 Systematic
The other day, a colleague stopped by my office to chat.  We talked of the kids, our health, upcoming business
Mission Time Graph
I have seen several questions recently in online forums where engineers were unclear about the differences and relationships among useful
Hierarchical Bayesian Model
I presented my paper “A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to IEC 61511 Prior Use” [full paper] at the 14th Global Congress on